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Our Values

Our five values are Customer Focus, Excellence, Innovation, Commitment, and Teamwork, all of which are incorporated into everything we do.

These values underpin our commitment to being a socially responsible company where we strive to respect our customers, our business partners, our Associates, our communities, and the environment within which we operate, ensuring the highest ethical standards are adhered to.

Customer Focus

Our customers come first! We expect to not only meet, but to
exceed the expectations of both internal and external customers,
through relationships based on trust. We maintain that trust with
prompt and professional communication.


Our goal is to “Improve People’s Lives!” We’re committed to
performing extraordinary efforts every day in what we do, both as individuals and as a company. That commitment extends to the highest level of quality.


Strive to continually improve! Sunrise Medical and its Associates
continually redefine our business and are proactive in providing innovative, reliable and quality products, processes, and solutions. We encourage our Associates to be open to, and promote, new
ideas that can improve our business and the lives of our customers.


We expect our Associates to take responsibility and ownership. Demonstrate determination and initiative and provide added value
to Sunrise Medical. Get involved and do your best!


The principles of teamwork, sharing, and fostering information are crucial to achieving our business objectives. A positive and proactive team spirit leads to improved results. To our internal team, we offer support, guidance, motivation, and constructive feedback when
and where needed.

"Sunrise Medical’s products improve people’s lives worldwide. This proclamation delivers on the company’s mission and is our most important contribution to society. Our products become an extension of the people who use them. They are essential to the full participation in their daily lives."

Thomas Babacan
President & Chief Executive Officer

Do the Right Thing

Business Code of Conduct
Great companies, like great individuals, always act with integrity and character. When faced with moral choices, they “Do the Right Thing.”  That’s why we chose that title for our Business Code of Conduct. The Code encompasses our behaviour, products and compliance with  laws and regulations. 


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