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As an environmentally conscious organization, we are committed to environmental responsibility and promoting ‘green thinking‘ throughout our organization and supply base.

Our commitment is expressed through the principles of our global environmental policy. We also work diligently to ensure our sites, and in particular our manufacturing plants, continually look for ways to minimize our impact on the environment through reduction of energy consumption, recycling and reuse, and reducing plastics consumption.

Sustainability in our supply chain

Sustainability in our supply chain

We encourage and support our suppliers to reuse and recycle packaging wherever possible. Following our implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS), which provides the framework to assist in the day-to-day operations from an environmental perspective - we expect our suppliers to implement and maintain appropriately scaled environmental processes too. Key points include:

  • Complying with local and international environmental regulations
  • Minimizing waste and maximizing recyclability of production/shipping materials
  • Reducing transportation and distribution costs
  • Protecting and reducing reliance on natural resources
Environmental ISO Certification

Environmental ISO Certification

As part of our continuing efforts to be a truly global business, we aim for ISO accreditation in a number of areas, including environmental responsibility.  A number of our larger sites are ISO 14001 – Environmental Management accredited. ISO 14001 is the framework for the management of environmental responsibilities. It requires that our approach to environmental issues undergoes continual improvement. The system promotes the integration of environmental management into core strategic processes including interaction with our suppliers. We’re audited by independent third-party auditors for ISO standards accreditation.

Our on-going sustainability improvements

We have developed our own environmental initiative called the 'Sunrise Medical Environmental Seal of Approval'. This initiative allows us to set specific environmental goals for our sites, so we're not only upholding, but exceeding the high standards that ISO environmental management certification demands.

de Germany

Replaced plastic bubble foil, bags, and tapes with recycled paper alternatives - c.600m3 of plastic waste has been eliminated.

us United States

A new heat treatment oven and rearranging work shifts reduced natural gas usage and increased utilization hours by over 60%.

gb United Kingdom

Our plant in the UK has sent ZERO waste to landfill for the 3rd year running.

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