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RGK Launches the Allstar A2, RGK's First Fully Adjustable Multi-Sport Wheelchair

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Game on! RGK, part of the Sunrise Medical Group, is proud to announce the launch of the Allstar A2, an extraordinary multi-sport wheelchair that sets a new standard in club sports. Designed to be the perfect blend of adjustable flexibility and made-to-measure precision, the Allstar A2 empowers athletes to excel in any sport they choose.

The Adjustable Sports Wheelchair that Evolves and Grows

Experience comfort and stability with the Allstar A2´s adjustable front and rear seat height, centre of gravity, footplate, and backrest. Together with the integrated ergo seat design, this product caters to a wide range of point classifications, ensuring maximum performance for athletes at every level and with varying physical abilities. As players evolve and grow, the Allstar A2 evolves with them, offering a perfect fit for their needs and preferences both now and in the future. For those seeking the utmost precision in fit, Made to Measure options are available as an upcharge.   

Switch Seamlessly Between Sports: The Ultimate in Flexibility

Modify the Allstar A2 to suit different sports effortlessly with the removable wing, empowering players to optimise their setup for tennis and non-contact sports or basketball and contact sports, all in a single wheelchair. Adapting the chair to suit the specific demands of each sport enables players to explore different athletic pursuits. For clubs, this feature allows the wheelchair to be used across various areas, maximizing its utility.

A Family of Multi-Sports Wheelchairs

Allstar, Allstar G2 and Allstar A2 – a family of multi-sports wheelchairs all crafted from premium 7020 aluminium offering unmatched strength in a lightweight design.

Allstar – fully made to measure and the lightest (transport weight of 7 kg) of the family for those seeking the most personalised chair which prioritises agility, weight, and optimal fitment. The perfect made to measure option for juniors or lighter weight persons.

Allstar G2 – fully made to measure with an increased maximum user weight of 115 kg and a transport weight of 7.2 kg, the Allstar G2 boasts the most rigid structure, thanks to its V-style axle with cross brace, which adds lateral stiffness allowing improved efficiency and torque. The perfect choice for adult players looking to experience made to measure for the first time.

Allstar A2 – fully adjustable and with a transport weight of 8.5 kg while offering the highest maximum user weight of 125 kg and highest degree of versatility, the Allstar A2 is a smart investment for individual players or clubs that serve multiple sports or athletes. Instead of purchasing separate wheelchairs for each sport or athlete, the Allstar A2 can be optimised for different sports, athlete abilities, and sizes, allowing experimentation like no other sports chair.

“We at RGK take pride in our commitment to grassroots sports initiatives. With the Allstar A2, we aim to provide the future generation of athletes with the best equipment right from the start. By incorporating the Allstar A2 into grassroots programs, athletes gain access to a versatile, adaptable, and performance-enhancing chair that supports their development and engagement in various wheelchair sports. This level of inclusivity fosters passion, skills, and participation in sports at the grassroots level, creating a positive and empowering environment for individuals with disabilities”, says Michael Sheen, General Manager at RGK.

Join the league of champions and experience the difference an RGK sports wheelchair can make.

About Sunrise Medical: Committed to improving people’s lives, Sunrise Medical is a world leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative, high-quality assistive mobility products and services. Distributed in more than 130 countries under its own 17 proprietary brands, the key products include manual and power wheelchairs, power assist products, motorized scooters, seating & positioning systems, and daily living aids. Operating in 23 countries, Sunrise Medical Group is headquartered in Malsch, Germany, and employs over 2,600 associates worldwide.

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