To provide real quality at an unreal price, that's been the goal of every BREEZY wheelchair since 1987. Like its name suggests, BREEZY is a refreshing change of pace compared to other wheelchairs in its price range. That's because we are about providing the kind of durability, performance and style that you can’t find in other standard wheelchairs. We believe that your quality of life shouldn't be compromised by the quality of your wheelchair - that's why with BREEZY, you'll get a lot of wheelchair for a lot less price.

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BREEZY RubiX² Folding Wheelchair


Folding Wheelchair

The BREEZY RubiX² is a standard manual wheelchair designed for individual user requirements. With adjustable back upholstery, adjustable seat depth and angle, angle adjustable footrests and comfort seating, the RubiX² is able to match a wide range of user needs. (Also available in an XL heavy duty wheelchair version, with a user weight up to 170kg)

BREEZY Style X Ultra Standard Wheelchair

BREEZY Style X Ultra

Standard Wheelchair

The BREEZY Style X Ultra is the perfect wheelchair for your lifestyle. It features a robust and rigid frame while keeping it lightweight, so you can move around comfortably for your daily activities. Transfers are easy due to the ergonomic release latch allowing an easy lock and unlock of the footrest. Padded seating with velcro straps and an effective brake ensure further comfortability.Many adjustments are available to adapt this lightweight wheelchair to the user measurements and needs. It's also fully configurable with a wide range of options and accessories.Available colours:

BREEZY Cirrus G5 Tilt In Space Wheelchair

BREEZY Cirrus G5

Tilt In Space Wheelchair

The BREEZY Cirrus G5 Tilt In Space Wheelchair is designed with both client and carer in mind to provide ultimate comfort and flexibility. The wheelchair features back recline and tilt which provides an easy and comfortable way to change position throughout the day whilst assisting in pressure management. Quality has been a key focus in the development of Cirrus G5. This includes high quality materials and technical solutions to provide a high quality wheelchair for users, carers and therapists.

Premium Products. Quality Service.

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