EMPULSE is the smartly-designed power add-on brand for wheelchairs users. Whether it’s to save your strength to get more out of the day or just to enjoy the pleasure of the ride, we're here to extend your personal range and get you where you want go. Designed to work around you, our products are minimal in appearance and effortless to add and remove. So whenever you're looking to go just that little bit further, EMPULSE will get you there.

Featured Products:

EMPULSE R20 Wheelchair Push-Assist


Wheelchair Push-Assist

With the new Empulse R20 pushing aid it has never been so easy to support the attendant pushing the wheelchair. Whether uphill, downhill or long trips, the R20 helps in every situation. Combining a unique folding function, the lightweight R20 is less than 5 kg providing easy transportation and literally no impact when self-propelling your wheelchair. The R20 is compatible with almost any wheelchair that has a box frame and a tube diameter of 22-28 mm.

Your perfect companion that's always along for the ride.

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