For over 10 years, GEMINO Rollators have been empowering people to walk comfortably and confidently without restrictions. Built to perform indoors and out, our lightweight rollators set a new standard in comfort, safety and design. Made to stand out from the crowd, every rollator is infused with a style and elegance to suit every individual taste. GEMINO is a symbol of independence, and we'll be with you for every journey.

GEMINO in numbers:

The year when the first GEMINO rollator was launched.

The year GEMINO joined the Sunrise Medical family.

The number of design awards won by the GEMINO 30.

Featured Products:

Gemino 60 Outdoor Rollator

Gemino 60

Outdoor Rollator

We have updated our range of rollators. All new features at a glance:Gemino improvements in 2020Let’s go! Gemino 60 is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle – lightweight yet rock-solid. With its extra-large, soft wheels this outdoor rollator allows you to walk comfortably and securely, also on uneven terrain. Strolling the cobblestone streets in the old town, enjoying a walk in the forest or simply crossing thresholds in your home? It will all be so much easier with the Gemino 60!

Gemino 30 S Paediatric Rollator

Gemino 30 S

Paediatric Rollator

We have updated our range of rollators. All new features at a glance:Gemino improvements in 2020Children want to move about, play and discover the world. This is fully reflected in our lightweight Gemino 30 S rollator. Designed to enhance children’s mobility, it’s very stable, safe and simple to use. Also great for gait training. Naturally, this pediatric walker comes in cool colors – pink, blue and silver grey. And can be easily combined with a matching bag!

GEMINO 30 Carbon Lightweight Rollator

GEMINO 30 Carbon

Lightweight Rollator

The Gemino 30 Carbon is the 5.6 kg lightweight foldable rollator with an elegant and modern design. Possessing excellent indoor and outdoor performance, it’s the perfect companion for everyday life and travel.Carbon is characterised by extreme strength and sturdiness combined with low weight and is therefore used wherever high demands are placed on the product. Despite its very low weight, the Gemino 30 Carbon is extremely stable and always gives a safe driving experience indoors and outdoors. Even cobblestones or uneven paths are no problem!

The original 100% Rollator.

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