JAY is a recognized leader in wheelchair seating and positioning products. Founded in 1982, the first JAY Cushion with its patented 'JAY Flow' fluid technology revolutionized wheelchair seating by providing pressure relief and postural support. Today, we're still at the forefront of producing superior clinical positioning seating. Combining science and innovative material technology, we develop market-leading wheelchair cushions and backs to suit your unique needs. As industry pioneers, we continually work with top researchers and clinicians worldwide to develop the most advanced wheelchair seating products.

JAY in numbers:

The year when JAY was founded.

The year when JAY joined Sunrise Medical.

The starting weight in grams of our lightest cushion, the JAY LITE.

Product Segments:

Featured Products:

JAY J3 Wheelchair Back


Wheelchair Back

The JAY J3 wheelchair back product line offers a multitude of width, height, and contour depth back shells to fit the back to the client. Each back is lightweight and adjustable, with numerous hardware choices allowing for easy installation. The most popular 6" contour back, PD, is now available in over 40 sizes.

JAY SureFit Made-to-Order Seating

JAY SureFit

Made-to-Order Seating

JAY SureFit is a simple made to order wheelchair seating solution designed to meet the majority of client needs and funding environments.

JAY Balance Cryo Fluid Wheelchair Cushion

JAY Balance Cryo Fluid

Wheelchair Cushion

The Cryo Fluid technology is a fluid option available for the JAY Balance wheelchair cushion that excels at reducing the risk of pressure injuries. The patented Cryo Fluid provides more options for skin protection. It actively cools the seated skin surface for up to 8 hours (internal testing data at 25° C) while evenly distributing pressure, reducing shear, and lowering the risk of moisture.  * Internal testing data at 25°C. Results may vary.

Superior Clinical Seating.

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