Established in 1983, Leckey is a globally recognised pioneer in the research and development of products that help children and adults with disabilities to go, do, enjoy and participate in everyday activities throughout the day and night. The company which started as a one-man concern, now employs almost 180 people and distributes its products through a direct sales force in the UK & Ireland, and with market-leading distributors worldwide.

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LECKEY Leckey Mygo Stander Stander

Leckey Mygo Stander


The multi positional LECKEY Mygo Stander is a versatile standing therapy solution that grows with your child, giving upright, prone and supine standing configurations possible all in one standing system.Designed to enhance development to both the bone and muscular structure for kids with moderate to complex positioning needs, this angle adjustable stander can be configured and customised to suit their individual positional needs and meet changing therapy goals as the child grows and their needs change.

LECKEY LECKEY BeMe Seating System


Seating System

The infinitely configurable BeMe, is a revolutionary, highly personalised seating system that puts a child’s development and independence at the heart of its design.Building on decades of design experience, Leckey have listened to customer feedback and have developed an ultra-configurable supportive seat with a range of interchangeable seat and back options, that can be tailored to meet the needs of every child.In addition, BeMe can be paired with height adjustable Hi-Lo chassis or combined with Zippie and Quickie powered and manual wheelchairs to cater for every need.With BeMe anything is possible.




Building on the very best of the MyWay walker, we are excited to introduce the MyWay+, re-imagined and re-engineered to bring increased individuality to the world of walking frames. By combining a bespoke open frame design and innovative wraparound harness, with a wide range of accessories, the MyWay+ can be tailored to suit every child's needs and abilities. Early intervention is key to optimising a child’s potential, and therefore we have resized our size 1 frame to better accommodate younger children’s body proportions and really give them the best opportunity to develop their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills.


Improving the quality of life of children with special needs.

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