A proud British manufacturer, RGK's story began in 1988 after a life-changing road accident left co-founders Russel Simms and Greg Edem as paraplegics. Finding a common interest in wheelchair basketball, their time on the court made them realize how limiting a wheelchair can be in both comfort and performance. That's how RGK was born. From a desire to create a wheelchair that's hand-crafted to fit exactly to you. A wheelchair that’s made-to-measure for not just the court, but daily life too. They didn’t know how much of an impact their vision would have on their lives, the lives of others, and the sporting successes for many athletes all over the world. A global leader in made-to-measure wheelchairs, RGK prides itself on respecting your individuality and creating you the perfect wheelchair. It is our passion and is why we do what we do.

RGK in numbers:

The year when RGK Wheelchairs was established.

When the Elite was born, RGK's most iconic sports wheelchair.

When RGK joined the Sunrise Medical family.

Product Segments:

Featured Products:

RGK RGK Veypr Sub4 Rigid Wheelchair

RGK Veypr Sub4

Rigid Wheelchair

A 10-year dream made a reality. With new pioneering technology, the Veypr Sub4 is the world’s first truly made to measure carbon fibre wheelchair. With Sub4 ultra light technology, effortlessly providing a smooth yet rigid ride and over 30 individual measurements the 'real' made to measure is unlike any other! With a high everyday usability the Veypr Sub4 is built for everyday adventures. With captivating appearance and ergonomic design the Veypr Sub4 provides the ultimate rider experience.

RGK RGK Elite Sports Wheelchair

RGK Elite

Sports Wheelchair

Countdown clock is on and your team is down by one, time is ticking. Coach gives you the play. You nailed it in practice all week, time to put it into action. Train hard, win easy. The 7020 aluminum frame with 45 mm straight camber tube provides the most rigid and responsive drive to maximize your performance. Individual measurements and specifications ensure a perfect match to your playing style. Pressure shot. No issue!

RGK RGK Allstar A2 Sports Wheelchair

RGK Allstar A2

Sports Wheelchair

The Allstar A2 is the ultimate multi-sport wheelchair and is revolutionising club sports. With extensive adjustability options, this is the perfect wheelchair for clubs or up and coming players just starting out in wheelchair sports. This wheelchair boasts an exceptional feature that sets it apart from the rest - an adjustable seat height that utilises an ergonomic seat design. This remarkable characteristic ensures that our product can cater to a diverse range of individuals, making it the ultimate choice for everyone. With the removable wing, the Allstar A2 can be optimised for tennis and non-contact sports or basketball and contact sports. This provides a level of versatility perfect for clubs and athletes who want to fine-tune their setup across multiple sports.



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