If it was not for a serious car accident in 1975, Errol Marklein may never have triggered Europe's wheelchair revolution. Frustrated by the limitations of his wheelchair, it was a chance encounter to test a wheelchair training device when Errol realized its design could be adapted to what he desired: a faster, lighter and more agile wheelchair. Errol's realization would become the SOPUR Track, Europe's first racing wheelchair. The desire to live without limits would drive SOPUR to revolutionize not just sports, but also daily wheelchairs in Europe - starting with the introduction of one of the first personalized folding wheelchairs in 1980. Today, SOPUR is a leader in wheelchair innovation. We pride ourselves on the world-class design and excellent driving characteristics of our wheelchairs. Our passion is our customers and we are dedicated to breaking down barriers, so everyone can live without limits.

SOPUR in numbers:

The launch of Europe's first racing wheelchair - the SOPUR Track.

SOPUR launches one of the first personalized folding wheelchairs.

SOPUR joins the Sunrise Medical family.

Product Segments:

Featured Products:

SOPUR Nitrum Rigid Wheelchair

SOPUR Nitrum

Rigid Wheelchair

Nitrum – the lightest in its class, precise adjustment and innovative features. Ultra-responsive for movement without energy losses. Our long history of developing high-end manual wheelchairs and input from wheelchair users drove the design of the newest SOPUR ultra-lightweight rigid wheelchair. Intended for users who are looking for unmatched driving performance, innovative details and a large variety of options to get the perfect fit.

SOPUR Xenon² Folding Wheelchair

SOPUR Xenon²

Folding Wheelchair

Unique look, uniquely light! With a sporty open frame, 8.8kg weight and excellent driving characteristics, you could easily mistake the Xenon² for a rigid wheelchair - if it weren't for the inconspicuous, extremely flat cross brace. Effortless to fold and super narrow - it's the ideal match for those with a very active lifestyle who demand an ultra-lightweight yet stiff wheelchair for maximum driving performance.

SOPUR Krypton R Rigid Wheelchair

SOPUR Krypton R

Rigid Wheelchair

With the most advanced engineering, the most beautiful design and the finest materials, we created the ultimate SOPUR wheelchair with the Krypton. The lightest, fully adjustable wheelchair made from aerospace engineered carbon fiber. The result is phenomenal rigidity and razor-sharp agility packed into a fully adjustable wheelchair concept.


Live without limits.

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