Switch-It began in 1988 with a desire by its founder Mark Parker to help a patient of his wife who couldn't drive a powered wheelchair with a traditional controller. Using sensitive proximity sensors, Mark pioneered its use as a drive control for wheelchair applications. Transforming how people with disabilities could use technology, Switch-It would become an industry leader in alternative drive controls. And we're still innovating 30 years later, bringing smart technologies to powered mobility and helping people regain their mobility and independence.

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MicroPilot product.


The MicroPilot is a proportional drive power wheelchair control. The device gives the user the ability to operate their power wheelchair with 360° of control as well as the full range of the wheelchair's drive parameters (speed, acceleration, etc.). Force-based technology enables users with minimal strength and without range of motion to drive their power wheelchair. Sensitivity adjustments allow control to be fine-tuned to each individual. Metal construction offers a significant durability advantage. The MicroPilot works in a plug-and-play fashion and is compatible with most manufacturers' electronics. The MicroPilot makes use of force-based technology: the harder you push, the faster the chair will move. The sensitivity is adjustable by turning a potentiometer with a small screwdriver. Turn to the right for less sensitivity. Settings are between 10 and 50 grams.

VersaGuide product.


The VersaGuide is a fully proportional and durable compact joystick that can be mounted virtually anywhere. Its unlimited mounting options are what give the versatile VersaGuide its name. This compact joystick provides full proportional control (forward, reverse, left, and right).The VersaGuide provides two built-in connections for mode and on/off jack sockets, called SmartJacks, which are unique to the VersaGuide. The SmartJack sensor input will automatically adapt to both proximity and mechanical switches.

Dual Pro™ product.

Dual Pro™

The Dual Pro by Switch-It is a truly proportional head array with fine-tuned adjustments and personalization to provide the user an easy-to-learn, precise, and intuitive driving experience. The ideal solution for wheelchair users who have varying levels of head control on their left and right sides.

Bringing smart technologies to powered mobility to help people regain their mobility and independence.

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