In 1989, Jody Whitmyer asked the question "how can we solve the most difficult head and seating support problems for people with severe disabilities"? He then went about working personally one-on-one with patients and therapists, rapidly designing and fabricating devices to uniquely-fit the patient. That's how Whitmyer Headrests was born. Since then, Whitmyer’s personally-tailored approach has gained us a reputation worldwide for premium, technologically advanced, fully adjustable wheelchair head support systems. Known for their exceptional comfort and fit, we've never lost touch with what makes our headrests so unique - and that’s you.

Whitmyer in numbers:

The year that Whitmyer was founded.

The year Whitmyer joins the Sunrise Medical family.


The number of countries that Whitmyer is available in.

Featured Products:

S.O.F.T. Dual Sub-Occipital Wheelchair Headrest

S.O.F.T. Dual Sub-Occipital

Wheelchair Headrest

The S.O.F.T. Dual Sub-Occipital Head Support solves the most challenging head positioning issues. This patented three pad wheelchair headrest supplies maximum occipital and proximal lateral cervical support for more aggressive positioning.

Heads Up® Wheelchair Headrest

Heads Up®

Wheelchair Headrest

The Heads Up is an innovative wheelchair headrest designed to maximize clients’ interaction with their environment by providing anterior, posterior, and lateral support of the head and neck. It features swing-out, adjustable arms to easily accommodate client transfers and varying client presentations.

Cuddles Infant Systems Wheelchair Headrest

Cuddles Infant Systems

Wheelchair Headrest

Cuddles Infant Three Pad Head Support and Contoured Cradle Head Support offer the same innovative wheelchair head support technology as the adult versions with sizes and proportions fit for infants.

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